The Benefits of Dietary Supplements

The Benefits of Dietary Supplements

Thursday, Aug 23, 2018 0 comment(s)

According to scientific evidence, complementing any diet with high-quality nutrients by ingesting dietary supplements has a beneficial impact on overall health.

Consumed every day or occasionally, dietary supplements are not only an easy way to get adequate amounts of essential nutrients when a person struggles to eat a nutritious variety of foods, but the truth is that Mother Nature values survival and propagation over long-lasting optimum health; time is almost a synonym of inexorable decay.

Nutrient shortfalls are more common than you may think and sometimes it is impossible to get all you need even from a balanced diet. Why? The answer is a bit difficult and it involves factors that contribute to poor digestion such as stress, insufficient chewing of food, and erratic eating habits, which affect us constantly due to our daily routine.

In addition, we have to deal with the effects of extended pharmaceutical drug use that exacerbate the depletion rate of essential nutrients, high levels of environmental pollution that push our bodies to their limits to detoxify, and of course, the quality of food has also decreased due to the extensive processing it is now submitted to.

That is why nutritional supplements have become increasingly important. They are a recommended choice to protect us against potential nutritional deficiencies caused by nutrient-lacking diets, certain health conditions, or other factors hard or even impossible to control. In addition to being inexpensive and effective, by consulting with a dietitian about your specific needs, dietary supplements are a great way to provide your body with only what you need, without adding unnecessary elements to your system.

Now, not all dietary supplements might be good for you. Supplements are complex products and the FDA has established what they call good manufacturing practices (GMP) to prevent hazardous mistakes in the manufacturing process. Be sure that the supplements you consume are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities. Just a remainder, all Natura Solution’s products come from FDA-approved labs!

The “natural factor” is also something to be considered. Natural supplements are the best option for your organism. Since they come from processing and extraction of only natural components, adverse reactions related to prescription drugs such as unwanted side effects or addiction are highly unlikely, to say the least.

The nutritionist Patrick Holford said it best: “I think of supplements like clothes- they are not strictly natural, although they are made of natural ingredients. They don’t have any downsides if used properly (as opposed to medications), and as every year passes, have more and more proven benefits.”


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